Montalvin Manor

P-1 Zoning Program

Montalvin Manor Redevelopment Area Planned-Unit Zoning Program

This is a County-initiated proposal to rezone the area to a Planned-Unit (P-1) Zoning District and adopt a preliminary and final development Plan for the Montalvin Manor Redevelopment Area in the unincorporated Pinole/San Pablo area of West Contra Costa County. The proposal includes approximately 214 acres of land designated as R-6 (Single Family Residential), M-29 (Multiple Family Residential), R-B (Retail Business), H-1 Zoning Districts (Heavy Industrial), SH (Single Family Residential - High), M-9 (Mixed Use) and PS (Public/Semi-Public) County General Plan designations. The Mobile Home Park (T-1) and Railroad Combining (H-1-X) Districts are excluded from the rezoning program. The proposal also includes implementing an Amnesty Program for specific residential building activity that has taken place without obtaining the proper County permits.

The elements of the Planned-Unit District document are as follows:

  1. The Montalvin Manor General Plan Map/Proposed Zoning Map serves as the Preliminary and Final Development Plan for this P-1 District. It consists of land use designations identified in the County General Plan , the existing zoning area boundary and the proposed zoning area boundary.
  2. The Development Standards include the zoning standards, based on the General Plan designations. Note: This document will be available soon.
  3. The draft Land Use Matrix defines land uses, which are permitted, permitted with a land use permit, or not permitted and any unique conditions that would apply.
  4. The draft Conditions of Approval, which apply for future development within the rezoned area, are included. (Project specific conditions of approval may be added to Land Use Permit, Final Development Plan and subdivision applications.)
  5. The Planned Unit District proposal includes draft Design Guidelines, which are intended to further define criteria such as landscaping, signage, refuse screening, lighting and parking ratios.
  6. The Initial Study indicates whether the project has any environmental impacts. Mitigation measures are included for all potential environmental impacts.
  7. The Mitigation Monitoring Program organizes all the mitigation measures that describe actions needed by the applicant, timing of implementation and party responsible for compliance. Note: This document will be available soon.